The Best Shoes For That Big Interview

When it comes to interviews, men can often neglect the importance of sporting a smart and shiny pair of shoes. Here’s why you shouldn’t repeat their mistake.

Picture the scene: You’ve landed the job interview and you’ve been preparing hard. You’ve checked out the company, rehearsed how you’ll answer tricky questions, and of course you’ve worked out what to wear.

Having got your finest suit, a freshly-ironed shirt, trousers and a neat, smart tie, all seems well. You found where you’d hidden the comb and didn’t even miss anything when shaving this time. But then you realise you neglected your shoes.

Perhaps they are a bit dirty. Or maybe, even with a bit of spit and polish, they still look a bit on the worn and tatty side.

Does this matter? You bet it does. You’ll be surprised how often interviewers check out everything you’re wearing and often a bad impression emanating from your footwear can make a big difference.

Is that unfair? Maybe. But it pays to give yourself every advantage when you are in competition with others.

What makes the best pair of interview shoes?

There are certainly plenty of shoes not to wear at an interview, of which an older and somewhat worn type is just one example.

For instance, you really wouldn’t want to wear slip-on shoes. Yes, these are great for comfort and travel, but an absolute no-no for an interview.

Nor should you go for something off-beat and funky. Black is ideal and brown is acceptable; other colours will look pretentious or just too eccentric by half.

For that reason, something extremely smart like Oxford shoes is your best bet. Round toed, black and polished until you can almost see your face in them, they will give you the best possible look in an interview.

Whether these have closed or open lacing does not matter much. But do ensure they are immaculately laced up; the last thing you want is anything to be undone.

Of course, there are exceptions to these rules. No doubt some offices don’t want people wearing a collar and tie for interviews because they have a very casual dress code and such things don’t matter to them.

Even so, these kinds of interviews are rare and for most people, how you look at interview matters. And having the right shoes matters far more than you might imagine.

The Fantastic way to get the best shoes

At Foot Fantastic, we pride ourselves on being able to offer the best footwear for every occasion. It’s not just that sometimes you’ll be judged a lot by the shoes you wear, fairly or not; it’s because we know you want the finest and widest range of choice to find the footwear that looks great on your feet.

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